Why Vinyl Windows and Doors

Superior Performance!

Vinyl will not fall prey to problems common to wood or aluminum such as … Corrosion, Warping, Condensation and Peeling/Rotting

Vinyl is virtually maintenance free, it never needs painting or staining and it won’t show scratches!

Superior Energy Efficiency

Vinyl is 1000 times more energy efficient than aluminum and when manufactured in a process, creates a third of the environmental impact of aluminum. Because of it’s durability, Vinyl reduces hazardous waste disposal.

Schwinco takes Vinyl window and door technology to the next level with an intensive manufacturing process stressing formulation and testing. Along the coast, structures are subjected to weather conditions unlike anywhere else in the country. Built on the coast, for the coast, Schwinco products are specifically designed to withstand the harshest effects of coastal weather, like wind, water, and over exposure to the grueling sun.

Schwinco products are designed with combinations of vinyl, nylon, stainless steel and welded seams with a unique water drainage system to create a product that is unmatched in the industry! Energy Star rated, Schwinco products significantly exceed the energy efficiency of normal Vinyl products.

Laboratory tested in Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Australia, Schwinco products have also been field tested by Mother Nature herself in homes and businesses along the coast since 1989! Designed with severe weather in mind Schwinco products have weathered such storms as: Opal, Roxanne, Cesar, Fran, Hortense, Georges, Joan, Mitch, Floyd, Lenny, Keith, Allison, Iris, Michelle, Isadore, Lili, Fabian, Isabel, Alex, Bonnie, CHarley, Danielle, Earl, Frances, Gaston, Hermine, Ivan, and Jeanne.

When it comes to coastal construction, the choice is clear: Custom Vinyl and Doors from Schwinco Industries!