Cortney D. Dodds

Cortney D. Dodds is the VP, Service & Customer Relations. Cortney is also one of the original Managing Members (Partner) of GVS (October 2006).

A graduate of Republic High School (Republic, Missouri) and Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC), Cortney began working in the manufacturing / construction industry in 1997 for a company called Watson Metal Masters. This company specialized in manufacturing stainless steel process tanks. Beginning as a parts runner and inventory manager, after about a year, Cortney began welding and grinding / polishing. In late 2002, he became a second shift supervisor and ran that shift for about a year-and-a-half.

In 2003, Cortney married Misty Price and soon began their family that now consists of 3 wonderful boys—Gage, Gavin, and Brodey.

In 2004, he decided the second shift (night shift) wasn’t for him – mainly because at this time he now had two young children at home. Thus, Cortney made the move to Trinity Stainless in the fall of 2004. This company mainly specialized in Stainless Steel process piping.

Cortney worked for Trinity until the winter of 2006, when Misty’s Uncle Bob made a proposition to them that would alter their current course drastically. Bob proposed that Cortney and Misty moved to Northwest Florida to start this business with Bob and his son Corey.

This was a difficult decision for the young couple to make because both Cortney and Misty’s families — other than Bob and Misty’s parents — were in Missouri. Furthermore, Cortney loved of working at Trinity Stainless. He had always found it a wonderful job, working for — and with — wonderful people.

Yet, in November 2006, they decided to accept the offer and Cortney officially began the journey of being a Partner in owning / operating a new business. Now, Cortney and Misty say making the decision to launch GVS with Bob and Corey is a leap of faith they are very happy they made.

These days, Cortney quotes another motto they have at GVS other than the one he feels Bob so eloquently wrote:

“Regardless the size of the project, great customer service and professionalism is our goal. If you (the customer) are not happy then we are not happy.”

On a personal level, Cortney says:

“My wife and kids are everything to me. My personality would probably be described as confident but not arrogant, unless I am trying to get a laugh out of someone. I am very tedious and a perfectionist.

When not devoting 125% to this family business, Cortney’s personal interests include spending time with family and friends, coaching / playing sports with his boys (this takes up most of his “free” time), golfing, and enjoying the St. Louis Cardinals, Missouri Tigers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Florida State Seminoles.