Corey Ellis

Corey Ellis, Bob’s son, is one of the original Managing Members (Partner) of GVS (December 2006).

The idea for GVS was truly conceived largely in preparation for Corey’s future.

Born 1989 in Springfield, Missouri, Corey wishes to succeed in the business world and be able to provide for his future children. Corey is hoping GVS will be his legacy, his children’s legacy, and their children’s legacy too…

Currently, Corey does estimating for GVS — the bidding process to procure the jobs. Daily, he works with architects, planners, and then finally, manages the scheduling for all GVS—supplied materials.

In 2011, Corey married his wife Chelsea. Together, they enjoy camping, boating, horseback riding, hunting, and fishing. They reside in the Freeport, FL area.