About GVS

We do what it takes to earn your business not only for today – or even tomorrow – but for life!

In October 2006, Bob founded Gulf View Sliders while still working for Bassett and Company. He decided to dedicate his full-time efforts to Gulf View Sliders in October 2006, when Tim Bassett (Bassett and Company) retired.

“Why I started Gulf View Sliders” – from Founder Bob Ellison

I wanted to start a family business that could be passed on from generation to generation. There are four owners: myself, my son Corey, my nephew Cortney Dodds, and my brother-in-law, Ed Price. I also saw a need to service and maintain the EFCO sliding glass doors – something no one was doing. The cost of these doors are way too expensive not to service and maintain them on a regular basis.

When I worked for Bassett and Company, it was my job to visit the EFCO job sites underway to ensure the EFCO product was being installed correctly. If they were having problems with the EFCO product, I would coordinate between the customer and EFCO to correct any issues that arose in the field.

During this process, I became acquainted with a lot of homeowners, General Contractors, and homeowners associations. One of the questions they would commonly ask is, “Who services these doors?”

At the time of the “condo boom”, there was really no company that wanted to just perform service on these EFCO products. That’s why – and when – I decided to start Gulf View Sliders…

I started Gulf View Sliders because I saw a need in the marketplace no one was fulfilling, that I knew I could, and that I had the knowledge and expertise to do well. I would service the EFCO doors that I have been involved with for the past ten years…
But that turned out to be just the beginning…

In 2008 we started installing doors, windows, storefronts, and curtain walls; we figured if we were going to service them, we might as well install them as well.

In 2011, we changed the name from Gulf View Sliders to GVS Glass & Glazing – primarily for the people who did not know us and thought we were a baseball team!

At GVS Glass & Glazing our motto is:

“Do what you say you’re going to do… Show up when say you’re going to show up… and charge what you say you’re going to charge…”

We have a professional appearance, we portray a professional attitude, and we not only want your business today, but also tomorrow, and for life.

We truly strive to be the best of the best at what we do. We are also always changing and evolving to keep up with today’s market. Our management staff has over 80 years of combined glass experience. We want you to be able to tell your friends and neighbors who they need to call for any of their glass needs.